Taiji Zen in daily life

Many of the things you learn at Taiji Zen can be applied to daily life. I recently wrote a blog about this: Subway Taijiquan (http://www.taijizen.com/blog/subway-taijiquan/

How do you guys use it in daily life? Please share your experiences below

  • recently as I re-pick up various sports, I've been noticing how the energy concepts of Taiji apply to so many things. for example:

    1) swimming: breast stroke. when i contract and breathe in, it's a process of storing energy 蓄劲, and then when i kick and extend my arms out simultaneously, that's the so called 发力 equivalent.

    2) tennis: when getting ready for a stroke, the legs are in a triangular position, and energy is directed by the waist in a circular sink and gather then swing and release motion. the arms and racquet actually just feel as extensions of the body, and do not operate individually at all!

    these realizations were quite cool for me. makes me understand why athletes could use Taiji for cross training purposes, really makes you aware of how the body works most effectively.
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