managing travel expectations


I have recently started dating a woman whom I like who also likes to travel with destinations in her mind that she would like to visit including Paris, Italy, London, and even places such as Australia and elsewhere in Oceanea; we live in the US. I am not a traveler in large part because I could never justify to myself the expense of such a temporary pleasure -- you leave your home city, go off to a foreign location, and come back a few thousand dollars less wealthy. I also understand the whole argument about living for experiences rather than consuming goods and products, though I still would generally rather stay in my home city and pursue local hobbies. The issue here is that I like this woman and we are growing close yet she isn't aware of my aversion to travel given the expense and she -- like some other women I have known -- loves to travel. Have you navigated this before, and how would you recommend my doing so both to preserve the relationship as I do like this woman though also not create undo tension around this issue?

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