Anti-Theft devices inside of books at Barnes and Noble


I was just in B&N, looking around at various magazines and books, and I wandered into the computer section, and along to the "Security" part. I saw a "Hacking for Dummies" book and laughed to myself, but picked up the book by Mitnick since I have been wanting to read it, and thumbed through. About exactly in the middle, there was a square with a barcode on it, and turned it over and it was like the magnatized squares that Best Buy puts in dvd cases and such. The bar code number was 79797 97979.To see if this was an odd occurance, I picked up another "hacker-ish" looking book, and sure enough, same thing. I took the square out of the book I was purchasing, and also the other one, and layed them on the shelf. I haven't ever seen this in any of the other books I have ever purchased at B&N, has only else? The barcode just seems a little too symmetrical for my liking. Is it B&N doing this, or some odd person not liking people buying computer security books. I love a good mystery, if you can't tell. Anyway, any thought? Ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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