Ancient Master using martial arts from N&S and Mystic China

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For my personal playstyle and group, I feel the AM works better using actual martial arts forms; in this case, the ones from Ninjas & Superspies and Mystic china as I have both of those books. The problem is that I'm not sure how to actually implement it.N&S (which is from '93) says to give the AM two forms: one at 10th level ability and a second at 4th level ability but gives no advice on how those styles should advance from those points and is referencing an earlier version of HU to boot.HU2 suggests using the Dedicated Martial Artist as an alternative but that seems to me to be both less powerful and less versatile of an option and doesn't really capture the spirit of an Ancient Master either.So I'm looking for  :? on how to incorporate the actual styles into the AM "class".On a slightly related note, if a hero (of any type) wants to learn a martial arts style from those books, what would you make them give up to learn one? Would you allow them to learn a dedicated style?

Please help.

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