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I have noticed that the website is online since 2013, and It looks like since that time the website have kept the beginning level available to everyone. What it's great receiving some great free lessons! 

I am only aware about TaijiZen in 2017 when I have got a surprisingly interest in Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan, and a couple days ago I have found this promising service online. But reading some comments in TaijiZen facebook and even Quora social media it seems the website hasn't been evolving since 2013. I hope I am really wrong!

Then, my questions:

Does the project to teach TaijiZen Online is paused, or it is really stopped(descontinued)? Can I expect some good news for the evolution of this service soon? What is happening to the website and service?

Thank you so much for your attention!
Best regards,
Alexandre S Cunha.

  • Has anyone responded to your note yet? I'm interested as well.
  • I'm interested as well.
  • No one answered me yet! But seeing a message in Taiji Zen post from facebook, and here at the home page, it seems the website will be "temporarily (re)opened" which means we can't confirm the continuity of the service.

    See image below in attachment please!

    I hope they can take care of the site to make it grow up.

    Thank you so much for your comments and attention!
    Best regards,
    Alexandre S.Cunha.

    920 x 320 - 145K
    920 x 320 - 145K
  • So are they not adding new content for us to purchase?
  • I am also interested in whether the site will continue to expand. For someone who lives in rural Minnesota this site has been a real gift!
  • I am hoping for the site to continue growing too! I just joined today, and am crossing my fingers for the site to add the next levels soon. It seems like a promising idea, at least to me!
  • This is an excellent site.  I have been going through the lessons quickly because I thought it might be taken down at the end of May. I am pleased to see it is still up.
  • Hello, has anyone figured out what is happening to the site? I have just started and was really excited but after reading your message i hope the site is still up. Is there someone to help us out and give us some answers?
  • Hi,
    I started a few months ago, then could not access the online lessons anymore, although I could log into my account.
    I recently created a new account and can now log in and follow all vieos again.

    Note : sometimes the "online academy -access program" doesn't work ! Solution : when you register as a new user, keep the original email and access the learning program via the link to the first video
    Then to progress use the left menu on your screen to move forward.

    Just in case, I downloaded all the manuals and the 3 level training plans, and on https://www.youtube.com/user/TaijiZen you can easily download all videos of the 3 levels.

    Just in case this website goes offline completely !!!!
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    We practice and teach the 13 Essential Forms at my school in Wisconsin. Also  we teach these forms through my online program. I too was very disappointed when they decided to shut down the Taiji Zen Academy online. There has been no more information about the continuation this program. Yang 24, Chen 18, Sun 73, 42 Combined forms, Yang Sword 32, Chen 13 Knife and Chen 28 Fan form also available one on one online.
    Ron Pfeiffer
    Master Tai Chi Instructor
    American Tai Chi and Qigong Association
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