Internal Foundations of Taiji and Energetics

Hey all, I wanted to start a discussion about the internal foundations of Chinese Medicine- the qi theory and merdian theory, yin/yang, wu wei, and 5 elements.  Big topic, right?  Yup, but it applies directly to the "how" and "why" Taiji is performed- bending and stretching the joints to circulate qi around the meridians and stillness to collect it at your tan tien energy center.  I would recommend the 8 Extraordinary Meridians Training Program by Jim MacRitchie .  This is a clear and easy explanation of the concepts of Chinese health, and internal qigong meditations to circulate energy around your key meridians (the 8 Extraordinary Meridians underly the 12 organ meridians and are the foundation of your energy centers).  I believe that this can enhance and support your Taiji practice.  Whether or not you practice the program, being exposed to it will improve your ability to visualize and direct the flow of energy.

Which brings me to my second topic- the fundamental concepts of Taiji itself.  This is what TaijiZen is teaching- the 8 energies and 5 steps of Taiji and how to apply them.  These concepts came from... the Taiji Classics. These are a series of documents that the old masters put together in almost "sutra" form for memorization and contemplation.  These documents also can greatly improve the understanding of Taiji and provide a complimentary source of material for the TaijiZen curriculum.  I use  as my source (free is always good!)

I wish you all good qi, and success in the pursuit of a Taiji lifestyle.  Be happy, be healthy!

So, discussion- do you practice qigong meditation? What do you think are the major differences between other types of meditation and Taiji?  What documents do you study for your Taiji practice?  

Knowledge is good, and I think the more of this stuff I read and encounter, the better overall "gist" I get for the feel of qigong and taiji.

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