Welcome to Red Lotus TaijiZen Village

Red Lotus TaijiZen Village is located in Jefferson, MD at Red Lotus Martial Arts Center http://redlotusbukido.com/
We are dedicated to the art of Taiji and spreading the TaijZen lifestyle.  I would encourage all villagers to familiarize yourself with the Training Manual and TaijiZen salute.  After that, I want Red Lotus to be a friendly community, full of sharing and equality.  Events will be focused around the TaijiZen curriculum, but we might also try other forms of qigong, meditation, TaijiFit flows, or anything to bring us into Health and Happiness.

TaijiZen is a lifestyle, not a class, so let's have fun with it and make it part of our day!  Please also feel free to point me in the right direction, as this is a new step for me as well.

Village Info:
Name: Red Lotus TaijiZen Village
Chief: Justin Casteel
Village Location:  3882 Roundtree Rd, Jefferson, MD 21755
Established 2014, 3, 24
3 Members

List of Village members:
Johnpaul Vincent
Justin Casteel
Steve Meister

Chief Info:
I have little martial arts background, but I have been doing Taiji since 2009 with the Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health systems.  Currently, I am a premier instructor for Tai Chi for Arthritis.  Continuing with the training, I learned the Sun Style 73 competition form.  I love Taiji and qigong- I have been learning everything I can get my hands on including qigong meditation, Taiji Ball qigong, Dragon and Tiger qigong, among others.   In 2011 I became certified in Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance from Oregon Research Institute- an evidence-based program focused on postural retraining and balance using Taiji as a vehicle for the exercises (tjqmbb.org).  in 2014 I completed the TaijiFit basic instructor training and have been teaching ever since.  
My objectives for TaijiZen are to deepen my understanding of the inner workings of Taiji and to get the full scope of practice.  Also, I want to meet other people to practice with and learn from them as I learn the art.  Having never really done formal martial arts, I also want to understand the kinetic principles and physics of doing Taiji with a partner.  Taiji is part of my life and I want to share it!
The types of members I want in this village are friendly ones.  I hope anyone and everyone will feel welcome with us! 

TaijiZen Salute to you all!
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