Strengthening the Legs

I have found that the more I do Taiji, the more I am understanding the importance of stronger leg muscles. Since I have had a difficult time finding a partner to do the partner activities with, I have tried to find ways to build up these muscles in other ways. 

Every morning I make a cup of coffee by first hand-grinding my coffee beans. So I decided that I would begin "sitting on the wall" while I ground up my beans. At first I could not last very long, but now I am able to stay sitting on the wall the entire time. So now I am also doing some squats while grinding my coffee, which is also helping. 

I can tell a big difference now when I am doing a longer period of Taiji training, that my legs don't get worn out so quickly. 
  • yeah I've come to realize that too. that's why I do hula hooping in a 站桩 stance now =)
  • I agree with you.  I am a runner and and I practice Hapkido with a lot of kicking, but ever since I started doing some of the kinetic concepts I can feel the difference in my legs.  I feel like I can squat down and keep my balance a lot easier now, and Im a bigger guy.  Its weird cause it doesnt feel like its doing much with the weight shifting (Im on level 1 with the first 3 kinetic concepts) but I can notice the effects in my other activities. 
  • Equal 2me. I started taiji as if it is not meaningful 2me. But now, I can stand on 1 leg alone and practise taiji quan through balance & without fall. Thanks 2my greatest teacher, jet li.
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