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- Village Name: Shizi Hou
- Chief Name: Wouter van Leeuwen
- Training headquarters: Utrecht, The Netherlands
- Establishment date: 2014/03/24
- Number of members: 3

List of Village members :
- Wouter van Leeuwen (Chief)
- Pim Lenders
- Ku-Wah Lu

Chief Info:
Martial Arts background:
I started training Shotokan Karate-do in 1998 when I was still a little kid. After about 4 or 5 years I found that Karate was to 'static' for me and searched for a more dynamic martial arts system. I found a Shaolin gongfu school and started training there. I started training once a week, then twice, up to the point that I did gongfu practically everyday. In 2007 I began my own school and teach on a weekly basis up till now. Through my gongfu school I met many gongfu masters from China. I also went to China a couple of times myself to train extra. From every master I met I learned that while training hard styles, I should also focus on the soft. Not only because it is good for my health but also because it is a powerful way to strengthen my basics. I started practicing Chen taiji quan in 2006 and Wudang taiji in 2008. When I heard that Jet Li founded Taiji Zen I followed the process very closely and was happy to learn from this platform even before it was released to the public.

Reasons for joining the Taiji Zen program and training objectives:
I'm doing the Taiji Zen program for two reasons. The first is for my own growth in taiji. I try to learn from everything and everyone around me and Taiji Zen is one of those things that I am certain of that it will help me in the process of learning and understanding taiji better. I have a very broad interest in taiji and aim to learn it in a broad way as well. So martial arts application, and body and mental health all have my interest. The second reason is for the greater good. I experienced that taiji is a very good method for enhancing health and further developing martial arts skill. It relaxes the mind and seeks to find balance within yourself. It gives you many tools that you can use in your life. And whatever your goal is (martial arts, health, enlightenment or for a peaceful mind) and can help everybody regardless of age, gender, disability, etc. These are the things that I hope many people are able to grasp and that is also the reason why I applied to raise a village.

Type of members:
I don't want to make a selection who's fit to join my village. Anyone who likes taiji and Taiji Zen is more than welcome to join.

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