Village Profile

- Village Name: Yellow Dragon
- Chief Name: Michael McDougle
- Training headquarters: China, Hangzhou
- Establishment date: 2014/03/20
- Number of members: 3

List of Village members :
- Michael McDougle
- Canaan McDougle
- Maximus McDougle

Chief Info:
Martial Arts background:
I have always desired to study martial arts, but it wasn't until I found Taiji Zen Online Academy that I found an affordable way to pursue that dream. After two months of online training, I took advantage of the opportunity to train at the Taiji Zen Garden in Hangzhou, China. Along with  my son, I am taking weekly classes from what I consider some of the best Taiji instructors available (all trained by Grandmaster Wang Xi'an). 

Reasons for joining the Taiji Zen program and training objectives:
I joined Taiji Zen primarily as a way to improve my overall health. 

My first training objective is to improve my health. I do this by being consistent in my training, which motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle day-to-day. Another objective is to master the forms in such a way that I can eventually teach others.  

Type of members:
This group is open to anyone located in the Hangzhou, China area. Ideally you will have a working knowledge of English as well as commitment to the training. 
I am currently doing TJZ with my children (ages 7 and 5), so it does not matter your age. 
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