Why did you choose Tai Chi?

I've studied lots of different martial arts in my life (Capoeira, Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin...) but in the end ultimately decided that internal martial arts are my favorite.  I like the idea of cultivating 'internal power' that won't fade away as I get older, and is also less likely to result in injury.

What are your reasons for choosing Tai Chi?  Is it your main art, or do you use it to supplement other things?
  • I happened to come across this site by accident.  As a kid I was in karate for years but left the martial arts as I got older.  Now that I'm returning to college in my middle 20's I was anxious to get back into it and took a hapkido class at school.  From there my insatiable hunger for martial arts lead me to investigate online which is when I found this site.  I am a fan of the Zen meditation having practiced a little myself and the idea of meditation and martial arts.  It just feels more pure in a way, like a way to access the mind through the body in the world kinda thing.  Its very different from the pure striking self defense arts that emphasize the destruction of the opponent.  Something about that softness really grabs me, its not about destroying opponents and winning, but about internal change to bring about happiness in a way that can also defend oneself.  I guess Ill have to dig deeper into it and find out.
  • I have always been curious about Tai Chi, and this is a great way to test it out, without having to compromise in regards to my main arts, Hapkido and BJJ. :) 
  • Well, I'm one of the weird ones that because I am getting a little older now I want more mobility. I came across this site purely by accident but was drawn to it. I have never taken a martial arts class so this should be interesting.
  • I have been browsing the web and training in shou shu' kungfu and other hard(external) styles like wing chun until i came across this site which magically arouse my interest in internal styles specifically tai chi chuan.
    I have dabbled chi meditation and elemental bending, so when got wind of tai chi which also constitutes the use of chi, i got to know that i was on the right path. At first i thought it was not effective in combat, but this site together with other articles i read on chi combat has unraveled to me this great deadly art.
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