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Since it seems I'm the first one to post here, I thought the title appropriate. My name is Charles Gleason. I'm retired Navy. My home is in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, in a small town called Sylva. It's about 50 miles west of Asheville. I am currently living in Los Angeles while my wife attends school here. I expect to be here for the next two years, at least. I have been learning Chinese martial art for about 6 years. I have assisted my teacher with classes, and have occasionally taught classes myself. I am looking for a partner to train with for TaijiZen. If anyone is in the Monterey Park area, please let me know. I can be searched in the TaijiZen database by the name of Charles. You'll know it's me by the picture of the cowboy standing on the Great Wall in China.

Xià cì jiàn! 
  • Hey Charles, nice to meet you! My parents have been living in Raleigh for the past few years. Last October when I went to visit them, we actually tried to go to Smoky Mountains, but unfortunately it was right during the government shutdown when most national parks were closed... so we ended up going to the Chimney Rock park instead :)

    Hope you enjoy your TJZ training, I know there's at least a couple other members from NC, and definitely a lot in LA, so maybe you all can connect and practice together!
  • Is there any newbies on this these days? I am living near St. Louis, MO and would love to get together with some like minded folks to practice with.
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    Hi, I'm Katie (in reality - Kasia). I'm 20 and I'm from Polad, from Kraków (Cracow) and ... I'm absolutelly new here. Why I'm here? (Now - "the story of my life"
  • Xup? I'm kudomo-Abasi from Nigeria. Though, I am stil searching for some one here in nigeria to practise taiji wit, but I have not seen yet. Pls can some one help on that?
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