Events 2014

Anyone up for a movie night sometime? 

I was thinking maybe in April we can get together in the weekend and watch a movie (or two). Maybe we can watch the big boss in action haha

As a Village Chief I offer my home available, should have enough space for the 6 of us. But if anyone has a better idea please feel free to make suggestions ;)

  • I'm down for any social event!  Just hope we can coordinate everyone's schedules.

  • Yeah April has the following weekends:

    4-6 April
    11-13 April
    18-20 April
    25-27 April

    Any preferences or weekends that you are absolutely not available? I have no plans in April, just like I never have plans haha
  • yeah dude. i'm up for it. just pick a friday night that andy's available and hit play.

    my vote for movies are:
    - 霍元甲
    - Unleashed
  • Have seen both movies 20 times, but would definitively like to see them a 21st time haha
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