Trigger Point Therapy with the Grid Foam Roller

How many times did you think after class "damn, I feel so sore...I really need a massage"

And how many times did you think: "But who is going to give me a massage??"

Well...good news, you don't need anybody at all! I recently discovered the grid foam roller, which is perfect for releasing the build up tension in your body. Below is their product description: 

The Grid, by Trigger Point Performance, is the most versatile and comprehensive foam roller and workout tool available. This revolutionary tool features Distrodensity Zones, a unique matrix of varying widths and densities that allows for a precision massage based on unique and individual needs. Just as a massage therapist uses different parts of the hand and arm to manipulate different muscle groups, The Grid's Distrodensity Foam Zones enable you to apply varying amounts of pressure to help massage and release tight muscles.

Below is their official site: 

I am using it everyday...and it is a blessing. At first it might feel painful, but you will get results very fast!

Rating: 5 stars!
960 x 550 - 220K
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