Extracurricular activities

What kind of sports do you do besides Taijiquan?

I used to do a lot of external martial arts but had to give that up because I had to many injuries (mainly back injuries).

So now I am working on core stability and hip flexibility through push up  + abs exercises and yoga. Below are some of the videos I like to watch:

Push ups


Yoga for hips and lower back -

Doing these exercises aside from my Taijiquan training helps me a lot for building a stronger core and releasing tension in my lower back and hips. This is especially important in Level 3 where you will learn Key Principle 4 - Relax the Waist, Sink the Hips.

Please share any videos or training material that is useful for you!
  • i used to not be into strength training, but then a bunch of fitness people keep saying how it's super important for girls. so now i follow our brave Chief Jimmy into the Mike Chang ab workout!!

    but as for the push-up sets, i start crying after the 15th one haha

  • Haha don't give up and go for the 16th one ;)

    I wanted to do some flexibility training yesterday evening, hoping I could still do a split...so I watched this video

    God...I miss being 18..... haha, good old times when I could still do this
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