Village session - Experiences + Pictures

Everyday at work we come together to practice. Practicing Taijiquan is a perfect way to release some stress and recharge your battery. Personally I think my work efficiency is much higher on a day with training than on a day without. 

Our working days are from 09.00 till 18.00 and we usually practice around 15.00, giving us enough energy for the last few hours of the day. We usually practice 1 hour, but even practicing the form for 15 minutes is already very relaxing. We are lucky enough to have a fitness room in the building :)

Below are some pictures of our Village sessions, please feel free to share how you experience the Water Village training sessions and share any pictures you made.
Practicing with a TJZ instructor.jpg
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Double Ji.JPG
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Practicing Ji.JPG
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steady as a rock.jpg
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Level 2 - Willow in the Wind.JPG
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  • I like this picture. pretty pastel matching colors for me and Van =D
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  • edited March 2014

    After our Facebook post about the risks on sitting too long (5-3-2014: we will have to show a good example and get up every 90 minutes and do some short exercises. 

    Andy is a big fan of the Level 4 game which involves closing energy (合) so that's what we will do a couple of times a day now. Still waiting for the day I can push you from your original position ;)
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