Village member Introduction

Please introduce yourself below after you joined the Water Village :)

1. Short Self Introduction
2. Martial Arts Background
3. Reason for practicing Taiji Zen

  • 1. I’m a 0.5 generation Chinese-American and have spent most of my life in northeastern China and northeastern US. Being a business major, I did my standard stint in the world of financial services, and now am focusing my efforts on creating a world of health and happiness alongside kindred spirits at Taiji Zen. If you ever can’t find me, try searching nearby swimming pools, mountain ranges, and piano stores. If you wish to make me smile, feed me ribs, dumplings, eggplant, or all of the above.

    2. Have always thought martial arts are cool, but never studied any myself until coming to work for TJZ. Now, I've been learning our various Taiji programs for the past 1.5 years.

    3. Really like the philosophy of balance and how everything has dual sides. I feel that this concept really applies to all aspects of everyday life, both big and small. Also, I connect the kinetic concepts and applications learned so far in Levels 1-3 to other physical activities (swimming, tennis, ping pong) that I enjoy.
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