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- Village Name: Taiji Zen Water Village
- Chief Name: Jimmy Heeres
- Training headquarters: China, Beijing
- Establishment date: 2013/11/01
- Number of members: 9

List of Village members :
- Jimmy Heeres
- Minnie Cui 
- Rasmus Bengsten
- Andy Toung
- Eric Couillard
- Van Yang
- Joanna Wong
- Zhu Liyuan
- Nora Huang

Chief Info:
Martial Arts background:
I started studying Shaolin Kungfu in the Netherlands when I was 15 under guidance of Carl Koppers. In the beginning I only had class every Friday evening but as I became more and more interested I started to practice every day. At age 17 I came into contact with Yang style Taijiquan and used that to further develop my understanding in Chinese Martial Arts. It was just a matter of time before I decided to devote my life for it, I studied Chinese language at university and went to China several times to train at Shaolin and Wudang.

For me Wudang was the place of my dreams and I became more and more fascinated about the internal side of the art. That's why I decided to stop practicing Shaolin after 9 years and completely focus on Taijiquan. In 2012 I went to Wudang Mountain for 8 months to practice on a daily basis (8 hours a day) with master Li Zaifeng.

Now I am lucky enough to be working for Jet Li's company Taiji Zen as Product Development Specialist where I am learning something new everyday.

Reasons for joining the Taiji Zen program and training objectives:
As I am assisting in developing the Taiji Zen Online Academy I have to learn it myself as well. If I was not an employee of Taiji Zen I would probably join the Academy to deepen my knowledge and learn the practical applications of Taijiquan.
My training objective is to have balance between body and mind. To me Taiji is not a martial art only but a way of living, a way to become a better person. Taiji helped me a lot and I wish to someday become a teacher and share the health and happiness that Taiji can give with others.

Type of members:
To me everyone is equal, so no matter your age, gender or status you are all welcome to join the Water Village. Virtues that I value most are:
- Respect (for oneself and for others)
- Dedication
- Passion for Taijiquan or Taiji philosophy
- Compassion, the willingness to share with each other

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  • proud to be a part of this village, gyea! =D
  • The water village; that's an awesome name! If I was in China I would've joined the village man. Till then, lets start my own and have our villagers join in the future =D Have fun training!!
  • You are more than welcome to join if you get a chance to come to Beijing! ^.^

    Any ideas for your village name? I am guessing something with lions haha
     hi jimmy how r u i only guess,but i dont know how i can be member at your forum, but i would like to be
     member at your forum if u dont mine.
    martial arts baground
    i realy only know level 1 as it was free of charge and i never study taijiquan before accecpt some channels
     that was not cool or owsome so to me taijizen is the only way i can get knowledge but i have a little
    bit problem in my country at the side of using credit cards, credit cards is not available in my country
    direct deposit is used by some private banks so i could not send any atm or transfere to taijizen,i could
    not purchase the levels, i missed level 2 and now i want u to help me to be member at your forum ,if iam
    geting access to find the levels

    reasons iam studying
    reason iam studing is i interest kungfu more then any education,for example i was studying accounting
    few yrs back,so i watch 2 or 1 hour level one everyday were i get boring accounting,that means i love
    kungfu and i know if i could study it , i would be a teacher in my city were people dont get access to this
    knowlege taijin and its health,as well as taijizen health programs

    first i would like to be member at this forum to get access to the knowledge if iam lucky
    i realy have respect all of the students at water village and taijizen
    i hope u will respect my requestion
    thank you
    soon i will attach my vedeo
    thank you

  • Hi Najah,

    Thank you for your message. The purpose of a village is for members who live in the same area to get together to practice. From your message I get the feeling you don't live in China. 

    If you would like to practice together with other members it is best to wait for a Village to open near your area. Off course, if you are in Beijing sometime you are free to contact us for a training session. 

    It is not necessary to use a credit card for further levels, you can also link your bank account to a Paypal account. To learn more please visit their website (

    Our forum is open to public so you can always check what we are posting

    Wishing you Health and Happiness!

  • edited December 2016
    I enjoy Taijizen very much. How does one get past level 3?
  • Can anyone take class in Beijing?
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