About Taiji Zen Villages

What is a Training Village?
An offline facility at which members of the Academy can gather to practice the Taiji Zen Academy program. Members of the Village should make use of the Academy curriculum (videos and accompanying documents) as their primary source of training and practice. Villages serve as a free, community-organized training environment for members, and thus are not allowed to request or accept any type of payments or donations from members.

Why should you join a Village?
Training in groups is the best way to experience the full Academy program, especially as you progress to higher levels with more complex Kinetic Applications. Being part of a Village will help you establish training discipline through regular sessions. It will also provide a consistent community to practice with, gain support from, and learn from. After all, perseverance and practice are the key to mastering the techniques and reaping the benefits of Taiji.

Who does it involve?
Training Villages are led by Chiefs, who are responsible for governing the training community and maintaining a suitable environment for group practice. Members of the Village participate in training sessions and practice their skills. You must be a registered member of the Academy to participate in Village training.

When do Villages meet?
Practice times are governed by the Village Chief, who can decide based on space availability and convenience for the community.

How do I join a Village?
Please visit this page: http://www.taijizen.com/forum/discussion/25/how-to-join-a-village

How do I become a Village Chief?
Please visit this page: http://www.taijizen.com/forum/discussion/24/how-to-start-a-village

What are the benefits of becoming a Village Chief?
Virtual Hangouts with Taiji Zen ambassadors: Every few months, we organize a special online hangout between TJZ brand ambassadors and our Village Chiefs across the world. This is a dedicated space for you to chat and share your thoughts with our visionary leaders (including Jet Li himself!).
Premier access to new products and content: Whenever we have any new product or content releases, Village Chiefs will be the first to hear about it and try it out. We value your feedback and support very much!
Special discount on all Taiji Zen merchandise: As a Village Chief, you are helping us to build and sustain a community of Taiji Zen-ers. Thus, we want you to have tools to spread the word and share your enthusiasm with those around you!
Teaching Practice: As you train with partners of different skill levels, body types, and physical backgrounds, you can deepen your technical understanding of the principles and concepts in the Taiji Zen program. By sharing knowledge and experience with other students, you will also gradually improve your instructional ability.

Village Training Disclaimer
Training Villages are NOT licensed teaching centers, nor are Village Chiefs certified instructors. We do not affirm that any Village Chiefs are qualified to teach the Taiji Zen program, however they are registered members of the Academy of the stated rank levels. Any individual who chooses to train at a Taiji Zen Village does so at their own risk. The Taiji Zen Online Academy and/or any related company or persons, are not responsible for any losses or damages that result from training at a TJZ Village.

Restricted Use Proprietary Intellectual Property for Commercial Purposes
Training Villages are NOT permitted to use the proprietary Taiji Zen trademarks, logos, or training programs in any commercial advertising or marketing efforts including, but not limited to, internet, print, television, and radio. Taiji Zen can and will take legal action against Chiefs or Members who are making use of the company’s proprietary intellectual property for personal or commercial financial gain.

Village Member Feedback
We welcome feedback from Village members to help maintain safe and suitable training environments for all our users. Please report any Villages or Chiefs that are engaging in disapproved activity, including but not limited to the following:
- Not using the Taiji Zen Academy curriculum properly
- Requesting or accepting payments or “donations” from participants and restricting access to members due to lack of contribution
- Promoting unsafe training methods
- Using proprietary Taiji Zen trademarks, logos, or training programs in any commercial marketing, advertising or promotional efforts
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