How to Join a Village

You can first search through the Training Village database for a one that suits your practice needs (location, practice routine, Village Chief background, etc). You an browse through that Village's discussion group for more information, and contact the Chief or other members with any questions.

Once you find a Village which you're interested in joining, please go into that Village's discussion group on the Forum to learn more about the group and their regular meetings. Then contact the Chief directly through private message to inquire about joining. It will then be up to the Chief to approve or deny your request to join, depending on the Village's situation.

Once you have successfully joined a Village, you should add the information to your profile so that it can be kept track in your TJZ records and be searchable in the member database. The Chief will need to CONFIRM your status as a member of that Village before the information shows up on your profile (see attached screenshots).

TJZ administrators will deal with reports of any inappropriate requests or behaviors in the Village discussion groups.

*Disclaimer: Training Villages are NOT licensed teaching centers, nor are Village Chiefs certified instructors. We do not affirm that any Village Chiefs are qualified to teach the Taiji Zen program, however they are registered members of the Academy of the stated rank levels. Any individual who chooses to train at a Taiji Zen Village does so at their own risk. Taiji Zen and/or any related company or persons, are not responsible for any losses or damages that result from training at a Village.
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