How to Start a Village

You need to be a registered member of the Taiji Zen Academy so as to have access to the curriculum and supporting training materials. However, you do not need to be of a certain rank level to be a Village Chief, as long as you have passion and commitment to train in the program and form a strong community. There is no fee to set up a TJZ Village.

What are the benefits of becoming a Village Chief?
Virtual Hangouts with Taiji Zen ambassadors: Every few months, we organize a special online hangout between TJZ brand ambassadors and our Village Chiefs across the world. This is a dedicated space for you to chat and share your thoughts with our visionary leaders (including Jet Li himself!).
Premier access to new products and content: Whenever we have any new product or content releases, Village Chiefs will be the first to hear about it and try it out. We value your feedback and support very much!
Special discounts on all Taiji Zen merchandise: As a Village Chief, you are helping us to build and sustain a community of Taiji Zen-ers. Thus, we want you to have tools to spread the word and share your enthusiasm with those around you!
Teaching Practice: As you train with partners of different skill levels, body types, and physical backgrounds, you can deepen your technical understanding of the principles and concepts in the Taiji Zen program. By sharing knowledge and experience with other students, you will also gradually improve your instructional ability.


Send an email to with the following content:

1) Title your application email: 'New Village Chief Application_[Proposed Village Name]_[Chief (Your) Name]'
*Note: If you are applying to transfer the Chief position for an existing Village to another member, please title your application email as follows: 'Village Chief Transfer Application_[Existing Village Name]_[New Chief (Your Name)]_[Old Chief Name]'

2) Respond to the following background questions (limit your response to 500 characters for each question):
- What is your martial arts background and previous source of Taiji/Taijiquan education?
- Why are you doing the Taiji Zen program and what are your training objectives?
- What types of members do you wish to have in your Village?

3) Upload a two-minute introduction video (you can also use any video-sharing site and include the video link in your email):
- Briefly introduce yourself and your reasons for doing Taiji and the Academy program
- Tell us what you wish to achieve by forming a TJZ Training Village
- Film a 360 degree view of the space in which you plan to hold your regular Village training sessions
*Note: if your Village is approved, we will share your video on the "TJZ Villages" section of our Youtube channel, so it is best to upload your intro video directly onto YouTube if possible (Title: [Village Name] - Taiji Zen Village Intro; include village location and basic chief background in the video description)

4) List at least 2 other Taiji Zen registered members who will make up your initial Village (Name + email). Make sure you contact them ahead of time to confirm their interest in being part of your Village.

The application process usually takes 5-10 business days. You will then receive email notification from the TJZ team about whether your Chief application has been approved or denied.

If approved, you will also receive a link to the newly formed Village discussion group within the "Villages" section of the TJZ Forum. You can then distribute this group link to your Village members, so that you can all use it to keep organized about Village activities. Only you as the Village Chief will have the authority to create NEW discussion topics within this group. However, your members will be able to view and post comments in Village discussion.

You can find guidance on required and recommended Village management tools in the "Guidance for Village Chiefs" discussion.

Note: Restricted Use Proprietary Intellectual Property for Commercial Purposes Training Villages are NOT permitted to use the proprietary Taiji Zen trademarks, logos, or training programs in any commercial advertising or marketing efforts including, but not limited to, internet, print, television, and radio. Taiji Zen can and will take legal action against Chiefs or Members who are making use of the company’s proprietary intellectual property for personal or commercial financial gain.
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