Acceptable Usage Policies

Welcome to the TJZ Discussion Forum! Below are our acceptable usage policies to ensure healthy and happy conversation. Guidelines are enforced by administrators, who at their discretion, may delete posts and ban users that do not comply.

1) Follow the forum category and discussion topic framework. If anything seems out of place, we will move it around to keep things organized.

2) Maintain content and language decorum. We will filter lewd or offensive content, links, and any negative commentary towards race, religion, gender, or culture.

3) Keep the peace with fellow members. If any intense individual debates issues arise, take the conversation private by sending direct messages. Do not clutter the Discussion Forum with destructive banter.

4) Review and proofread your posts for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Keep messages clear and concise.

5) Acknowledge that any content you post will remain available to the public. Once you have posted your message, it will stay online. Please post carefully and with due consideration to the content of your post.

6) Don't use the Forum for excessive personal announcements and profiteering. We will have a section specifically for members to share useful Taiji related resources including recommended products and services. Suggestions and website reference are acceptable in that section, but commercial postings will be closely monitored by administrators to ensure a healthy Forum ecosystem.

7) Make sure to credit and source any copyrighted material that you include in your posts (including relevant links whenever possible).
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