Guidance for Village Chiefs

REQUIRED: keep an updated announced post* in the Village discussion group containing the following information:

Post title:
Village Profile
Post Content (Village Info):
- Village Name
- Chief Name
- Training headquarters: Country, State/Region, City (should update your personal profile to match)
- Establishment date: YYYY/MM/DD
- Number of members (including Chief)

List of Village members (Example):
- Minnie Cui (can provide link to public profile if preferred)
- Rasmus Bengsten
- Andy Toung
- Jimmy Heeres
- Eric Couillard

Chief Info:
- What is your martial arts background and previous source of Taiji/Taijiquan education?
- Why are you doing the Taiji Zen program and what are your training objectives?
- What types of members do you wish to have in your Village?

Link to your two-minute Village introduction video (optional)

Suggested Village discussion topics to keep your group organized:

Training schedule:
posts about regular training times and any special training events
Events: posts about any special social events or other get-togethers for members
Library: record of any training documentation, materials, pictures, links to videos, other miscellaneous items
Apply to Join: where potential new members can send information about themselves and ask to join the Village

To keep your member list updated, tell your Villagers to select your Village in their personal profiles. Also refer to other Training Villages' discussion groups or the Chiefs' Club to see what tools other Chiefs use to manage their Village effectively.

If you are just starting off your Village, it's best to invite members of your local community (including relatives, friends, and other Taiji enthusiasts near you) to join your regular practices. Just remember that they will need to register to be a member of the Taiji Zen Academy before officially being a part of the Village. You can also post in the Forum, or search through the Academy Members database and send private messages to individuals who you wish to invite to your Village. Always do your best to keep an updated list of active Village members in your announced Village Profile post.*

*Announced post means that the post remains at the top of your discussion group, always visible to new members, aka a "pinned post". This can be done by selecting the "announce in the category" radio button when creating or editing the post content.
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