HTTP ERROR 500, empty response and others

when i try to open the program access page for start lessons, don`t open only show the http 500 error or other error and i can`t start, please help

thank you

  • Yes, i have the same problem. I tried it with Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Seems that this side is dead.
  • That's three of us. If anyone has a solution or if you know a link to a solution, please post it. Thank you!
  • I'm having this issue as well. Cannot open page

    Looks like this issue isn't being resolved. That is too bad, I was looking forward to this program.
  • update:

    Once the introductory email came through, I was able to click on the links via it and access the training. 
    It must be that the page isn't available until your email is confirmed.

    Fingers crossed it is this simple!
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    Hello everyone!

    I also couldn't enter into the 'online academy' in the menu. But I received access through the welcoming e-mail I got after registration and I guess this will be the only way for watching the lessons.
    Even though the website's menu doesn't work, I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Have a great day!
  • I had the same issues.  The email didn't help, however after a little digging around I discovered all the lesson videos (levels 1-3) on youtube: ;

    Hope this helps!
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