Taiji Zen: Jet Li & Jack Ma Share their Vision

Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, Taiji Zen seeks to inspire and enable a modern, balanced lifestyle through a suite of unique training programs and products.
Jet Li speaks his mind about the founding and future of Taiji Zen in this exclusive interview.
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Taiji Zen is partnering with David-Dorian Ross and TaijiFit™ to make Taiji more accessible to everyone in the western fitness industry.
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Benefits of Taijiquan
According to Stanford Professor and Researcher Dr. Jessica Rose, "Tai chi represents optimal body movement, honed over centuries." Click here to learn more.
Taiji Zen Mobile App

The Taiji Zen Mobile App is a condensed, app based version of the Taiji Zen curriculum.

It features 3D animation technology and an easy-to-use interface to create a convenient and compelling learning experience. Click here to learn more!