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Taiji Zen would love to post your content on our blog!  Details below.


Please write about a topic related to the Taiji Zen lifestyle:

  1. Optimal mental health
  2. Physical health and nutrition
  3. Self-cultivation
  4. Chinese Culture
  5. Tai Chi


  1. Your post must be unique to Taiji Zen and not already published online or in print
  2. If we agree to publish your post, you won’t publish it anywhere else (but feel free to post a ‘teaser’ or summary linking to the post)
  3. You may provide links to your own website, but we will not accept posts that are merely advertisements
  4. Your post should be between 500 and 800 words and include at least one photo which is either completely free to use or one you own the rights to
  5. Check out these resources:

    Hopefully they can help you write a powerful and effective blog post!

The Taiji Zen team will only publish posts that we believe would be valuable to our readers.  We may or may not explain our reasons for not approving; if we don’t explain, please understand our need to focus on other things.

How to Submit?

If your post meets these guidelines:

  • Email it to eric@taijizen.com for consideration.  It may take 2-3 weeks for a reply.
  • Include a 1-2 sentence biography and any relevant links
  • If your post is accepted, please be ready to interact with users in the comments section

*I adapted these guidelines based on Hyatt’s own guest post guidelines.

3 thoughts on “Write for the Taiji Zen Blog

  1. Hi, my name is Antón, from Europe-Spain.
    I’m a nurse practitioner who works in a hospital, but I’m also a chair massage nerd. I think is one of the best ways to call public atention for promote a healthier lifestyle. I start in this market some months ago, and i’d like contribute for “a Modern World of Health and Wellness”.

    I offer a parenthesis of acupressure in offices and workplaces. People needs reconnect themselves even for a few minutes. This is the reason i love it. And this is the reason i write you.

    I love chinese culture, because of the holistic and integral vision of the human and the universe they have. I share the same vision of “health and happiness”. I write a blog about massage marketing, to motivate the human touch in the society. But i feel i need go further. For example, helping to these training programs and lifestyle arrive more people across the world.

    Just if you thing it will be ok for your company, I’ll like translate all Taijizen web to spanish, just for you. To help promote a different way of thinking, wich is the first step from my point of view.

    What do you think about? Thank you very much!
    Hope you feel good ;)

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