The Second Duan is Live!

2nd duan

We’re very excited to announce the release of the Online Academy’s second duan; it’s time to take your Taiji Zen to the next level!

The first duan was all about the soft four cardinal energies.  But this is Tai Chi – we need balance.  So in the second duan, we’re focusing on the explosive four ordinal energies – plucking, splitting, elbow striking, and shoulder striking.  This is not the Tai Chi your gramma and grampa practice – these are practical fighting methods and kinetic concepts which can be applied to many physical activities.

Interestingly, these four movements are also an evolution of the movements from the first duan.  Expanding (Péng 掤 ) becomes elbow striking (Zhǒu 肘), deflecting (Lǚ 捋) becomes plucking (Cǎi 採), pressing (Jǐ 挤) becomes shoulder striking (Kào 靠), and pushing (Àn 按) becomes splitting (Liè 挒).

For your Daily Zen, the second duan will teach you how to use auditory and tactile input as an object of meditation.  Not only will this help you relax your mind, but sharpening these senses can also significantly improve your martial prowess (the stuff you see in the movies about practicing blind folded is no joke!).

If you haven’t already, sign up now for the Online Academy to learn how you can transform soft into hard, learn to relax as well as explode!

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