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Jet Li: This is Taiji Zen

Welcome to the Taiji Zen blog!  In our first post, we’ll tell you about Jet Li’s reason for choosing the name “Taiji Zen.”  Stay tuned for more great posts!

Taken from an interview with Jet Li in Taiji Zen magazine.  Full article translation is available here.

Simply calling it Tai Chi is too broad, so I knew I needed to add to it.  I believe that calling it Tai Chi Quan is too narrow, and the word Quan (拳 fist or fighting style) doesn’t capture the entire vision.  I thought about it for a long time and decided that ‘Zen’ works perfectly.

jet tea

The ‘Zen’ in Taiji Zen is not about some abstract transcendental practice or some religion, but rather the Zen of everyday life.  It places emphasis on the wisdom that accumulates through life experiences; once you accumulate enough of these experiences, you’ll naturally come to certain realizations.  And at the core of these realizations is, “How should I live? What type of person do I want to be?”  Think happy thoughts, share life experiences, overcome life’s challenges…these are all good things.  In this light, Taiji Zen is really geared toward serving mainstream society.

This is the origin of the name Taiji Zen.  Put simply, Taiji Zen aims to strenghten the body through physical training methods, and seek happiness through the mental and emotional training.

In the end, there’s actually nothing new; it’s all from the 5000 years of Chinese civilization.  I’m just using my personal understanding to simplify it into something contemporary society can enjoy, and share it with the world.  Through Taiji Zen’s physical training methods, find health; through Taiji Zen’s mental and emotional training, find happiness.  This is Taiji Zen.